search engine optimization

Get Higher Search Engine Rankings

No longer will you be a needle in a haystack. Kalson Media has designed a search engine optimization program that is both ethical and results-driven. We are up to date on the latest tools, strategies, and trends to help you move up in the search engines for the right keywords to get you noticed by the right audience.

We Specialize In Google

Did you know our founder beta tested Google when they first were becoming a real company back in 1999? Located in Charleston, SC we are a different kind of SEO company with knowledge of key ranking factors that google takes into account when ranking your website.

You're Unique. Your strategy should be also.

Our SEO plans are unique to your company’s specific needs and budget. One size does not fit all. No two businesses are the same and your SEO strategy shouldn't be either.

No Outsiders Here!

Many SEO firms use software that spams the search engines, or outsource their work (your website) to third-party providers, at a cheap rate to do subpar optimization. Our knowledgable SEO specialist will handle the day to day task of helping your website move up in the search results for relevant keywords right from our office.